Finally he said it

I have been real busy lately and sort of neglected this space. We had a great trip to Sydney last week and just got back last Saturday. (Definitely will blog more on that later). The new house is almost ready and we will finally be spending our first night this coming Monday. But I still have a few more things to get for the place today.

Among all the busyness, JJ is scaling the toddler development milestones at astonishing speed. He’s learning new words each day. During the trip he managed to pronounce the word “bird” and “dog” really well. Then he said “C” as in letter C which he saw on the iPad flash cards. But he said it so fast and so many times it sounded like “shit” instead.

And after 17 months, finally yesterday JJ said to me “mama book!” And brought a story book to me to read to him. Wow! Finally he said the word “mama”. I have been waiting for that for so long. It’s really a fist punch and tearly moment for me. And soon more of these baby words will follow


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