Circumcision: Yes we did it!

That’s right! JJ was circumcised yesterday morning. Well everything went pretty well except for one part, the first wake up after the anesthesia. When JJ entered the operating theatre doors and saw those medical staffs in scrubs he started to wail. The crying became worse when he saw A in scrubs too as A followed JJ to have his anesthesia done.


When JJ first woke up after the surgery, he started to cry, then cried very hard and thrashed around. He was starved, exhausted and recovering from the shock of how the anesthesia was administered on him. According to A, JJ cried and struggled when a mild anesthesia was given to him and the anesthetist gave up, gave him the mask which knocked him out in 3 seconds.


After 30 minutes of thrashing, JJ finally toned down a little. I gave him milk and water then rock him to sleep. He was sobbing while sleeping, I felt so bad. But I know this will be good for him in the long run.

JJ took a really long nap and when JJ woke up the doctor say we are good to go home. I was expecting JJ to be extremely cranky and moody after seeing the thrashing episode. But to my surprise, JJ was really happy to be home, hardly fuss and was clapping and laughing till bed time. He is a brave boy and endured the pain taking it like a grown man. I’m so proud of you son. Well done!



Do it or not do it?

Over the weekend we brought JJ to visit a pediatric surgeon to seek an opinion if JJ needs circumcision. Since his first Urinary Tact Infection (UTI) attack when he was 5 months old, I have been in constant worry when he will have the next attack again and I am so afraid that he will fall real sick as this will lower his immune system which allows bacteria to attack him again.

We went to see an urology pediatric specialist on this before and ran an MCU test on him to ensure that JJ did not have any reflux issue. Hence after 2 specialist visits and numerous scans, it has been concluded that he has a foreskin contamination issue which led to his UTI attack. Now 8 months after his first attack, comes the time where I have to make the decision for him to remove the foreskin so that we can reduce the risks of having UTI related to foreskin contamination.

Pros of removing the foreskin

1. Reduce the risks of having UTI

2. It will be easier to bathe and keep him clean especially going to preschool or child care in 1.5 years time

3. At this young age, he is the most adaptable to changes and healing process is fastest for him

Cons of removing the foreskin

1. Losing a skin

2. Mummy will be the one crying and worrying heaps and spending time with a very cranky toddler ( the pediatric surgeon showed me photos of how things will be like after the surgery and the recovery process. There will be scabbing and redness at the “humming bird’ area for toddler of JJ’s age)

3. Same as number 2 but more worries on whether JJ will be able to adapt without the foreskin and if infections will set in due to the surgery.

4. May not 100% remove the possibility of having another UTI attack, well maybe in JJ’s case remove 80% of that chance happeninga again.

So do we do it or not do it? Maybe he won’t get any more UTI and what happened 8 months ago was an one off incident. But the possiblities of future infections are there and also seeing him shiver and rolling back his eyes when the UTI hits him plus the cranky 3 day stay in the hospital (not to mention the 2 months recovery process) was really tough on that little guy. Maybe we should circumsize him after all to prevent future attacks.

Ok JJ is having high fever as I’m writing this. Hope the fever won’t turn out to be UTI.