Oh gosh! Not again!

Yes! It happened again. This time JJ woke up at 12 am and go to bed again at 3.30 am. It all started like this. JJ was all dreamy at 12 am, he opened his eyes to look at me, I try to pat him back to sleep. So he laid there and stare at me. At some point, I dozed off and the patting stop. JJ got up and started laughing and baby talk to me. ( totally not a good sign for a very jaded pregnant lady). Ok, so I tucked him back to bed and sternly told him no playing just sleeping. JJ tried to lie down and stare at me again but not long after he sat up and laugh and play again. Well this routine went on for like a good 2 hours till I gave up. I turn away and decided to ignore him and let him do his stuff hopefully he will be bored enough to decide to sleep. But, no way. He laid down, pulling my sleeves getting my attention. When that failed JJ tried to hold my hand ( well that’s a very sweet moment but at 230 am not really my kind of thing) and talked to me. Nice try kiddo, but still it’s bed time and mummy really needs some sleep. This went on till 330 am, JJ looks all sleepy (yeah a good sign) and starts to doze off. But wait when his eyes start to close, he decides to open them again. ( bad sign). Then after 5 minutes JJ dozed off again ( yeah my sleep time) but wait he opened his eyes again ( bad bad sign). This went on 4 or 5 times ( I really don’t know because I reached a point where I lost track of counting) finally JJ closed his eyes and went into a deep deep sleep. He did not even get up have his early morning feed. And JJ is still asleep while I’m blogging this!

Gosh! What a night and hope it will be better tonight. ( fingers crossed)


Sleep train: We are having issues again

For the past 1 week JJ has not been sleeping well at night. Here’s his sleep pattern for the past 1 week. JJ goes to bed at 9pm and will sleep quite soundly till about 1130pm. Then he will start to flip and let out a small scream before going back to sleep. At 230 to 3 am, JJ will be constantly flipping, moving and making small noises. I will try to put him in a comfortable sleeping position and pat him to sleep. This whole flipping, me putting him to sleeping position and patting him to sleep sequence could repeat at least 4-5 times till about 430 am. JJ will then sleep soundly from 430 am to 6 am. I feed him milk at 6 am and JJ will quickly go to sleep after that till 9 am.


This has been going on for a week and I’m really very tired trying to take care of him at night and going to work the next day. I’m having a huge sleep debt and to top it off I’m constantly in nausea state. Hope JJ sleeping pattern will get better soon.