Something Aussie – prelude for the trip

Have been neglecting this space abit as I was pretty caught up with everything that is happening in my life. Finally we got the bed, appliances and Internet for the new place last weekend. Now we are left with the sofa, dinning table and moving in our stuffs which I am doing it bit by bit each day at night as I totally do not have the energy to do a one shot pack up and move thing. Moreover we are going to Sydney next week hence it makes more sense to officially stay in the new place after the vacation.

This is totally not a walk in the park. Having to move house with a wobbly toddler and a pregnant-perpetually nausea body. Hope the up coming Sydney trip will do all of us especially me the mummy some good.

Here’s us at Jones the Grocer ( something Aussie) last weekend enjoying brunch on a saturday before the mayhem starts in the afternoon. Loving such rare times where I could sit down for a nice breakfast rather than running errands.



Happy Friday!!

TGIF!! And it’s November already. This month will be a very busy month. We are moving in to the new place soon, so every weekend is spent at home waiting for deliveries. After the move, we have a family trip in late November to Sydney! I have stopped sewing for 2 weeks now to concentrate on the house renovation, organisation, packing, catching up with friends, taking care of JJ and being pregnant. But will definitely pick that up again real soon (right after the move) and I’m shopping for a new sewing machine this weekend if time permits. ( wait for my upcoming post on the completed PJ for JJ). As for now, happy Friday to all and welcome to November.


On a separate note, here’s a pic of JJ having supper before bed time. He is really growing up to be little boy, not so much of a baby anymore. And my dad told me that he looked very much like me when I was young. Loved that.