About Me

I am full time working mother and I split my time between working full time, caring for my son, being a daughter, a sister and a personal assistance to my hubby (A).

I enjoy singing to my kid every morning, smelling his milk and sweat stained clothing and making him giggle or smile. I love crafting, scapbooking and making little things for little people, hence BabyJayz was born.

I am not a kickass writer but I would like to document memories that I go through in life as a mummy (boy no one told me it will be so tough). So that when I look back say 30 years time I can read these and share them with my children or even grand children.

2 thoughts on “About Me

    • Hi Cynthia, great to hear that you share the same hobby as me. Totally agree that making scrapbooks are a great way to keep some of the memories we have of our kids.

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