Yes I love my classes at Julia Gabriel’s

When JJ turned 1 year old, I enrolled him to Julia Gabriel’s playnest classes. Yes it is abit early for a kid to go any sort of classes but the reason why I sent him for classes is because he is starting to learn how to talk and he is responsive to singing and music.

JJ has been going for classes at Julia Gabriel’s for almost 3 weeks now. And I must say he not only enjoy the classes but he really learns things from the classes. JJ adapts well to the structure of the classes right from the start which give the kids ample play time, just enough story time so as to not bore the kids, interaction time with other kids ( this is done through allowing kids to sit together to have a snack), enough singing to make the kids clap and laugh and innovative art/ creative activity works.



So what is the verdict after 3 weeks and 7 lessons. JJ loved the classes as I could see that he laughed and smiled each time the instructor sings ( even on days he woke up on the side of bed and with a bad hair day). He carried on this attitude even at home when I sing to him. JJ also is able to pick up new skills faster like clapping each time his favorite tv show ends or showing me actions he learned in school.

When I see such progress he has made I know that the decision to bring him to classes this early is a right one. After all I do not want to give him too much pressure ( since local school system is enough to torture him in future) but want him to enjoy growing up as much as possible.

So what is the best part of the classes. When class ends, the kids could chase after bubbles. So that’s what I call being a kid is all about. Yes being carefree and chase bubbles.