What is wrong darling? Is it because of the bad hair day?

I noticed something changed in JJ during the weekend that past. He would throw tantrums during breakfast on mornings where he had to go for classes at Julia Gabriel’s. It is not because he does not like the classes, in fact he adores the singing and playing in classes and would always smile and giggle during classes.

The thing is the classes are at 9 am hence I have to get him up at 745am, then wash up, change and have breakfast. Usually JJ takes 10 minutes to finish his breakfast but on Sunday morning he simply refused to eat anything, threw every single toy I gave him on the floor and even puked out all his cereal after the final spoon of cereal went into his mouth. ( so imagine the clean up and the rush to Julia Gabriel’s as we left the house at close to 9 am). And Monday morning, same thing happens. JJ refused breakfast again but this time no puking. Just tantrums, throwing toys and a really bad hair day.

Then come this morning, no classes in the morning, JJ woke up naturally at 730 am and happily finished all his cereal with giggles before sending him for his scheduled vaccination.

Maybe JJ really dislike being waken from his deep slumber sleep to go classes ( or because we caused him to have a bad hair day but that does not seem like the case since he is smiling in classes.) Or maybe he is approaching his terrible twos year hence these are developmental phases. Hopefully, in the coming weeks JJ will be better or else I must think of ways to deal with this better.

Smiling despite having a bad hair day at JG's Monday class

Smiling despite having a bad hair day at JG’s Monday class