Finally he said it

I have been real busy lately and sort of neglected this space. We had a great trip to Sydney last week and just got back last Saturday. (Definitely will blog more on that later). The new house is almost ready and we will finally be spending our first night this coming Monday. But I still have a few more things to get for the place today.

Among all the busyness, JJ is scaling the toddler development milestones at astonishing speed. He’s learning new words each day. During the trip he managed to pronounce the word “bird” and “dog” really well. Then he said “C” as in letter C which he saw on the iPad flash cards. But he said it so fast and so many times it sounded like “shit” instead.

And after 17 months, finally yesterday JJ said to me “mama book!” And brought a story book to me to read to him. Wow! Finally he said the word “mama”. I have been waiting for that for so long. It’s really a fist punch and tearly moment for me. And soon more of these baby words will follow



Oh gosh! Not again!

Yes! It happened again. This time JJ woke up at 12 am and go to bed again at 3.30 am. It all started like this. JJ was all dreamy at 12 am, he opened his eyes to look at me, I try to pat him back to sleep. So he laid there and stare at me. At some point, I dozed off and the patting stop. JJ got up and started laughing and baby talk to me. ( totally not a good sign for a very jaded pregnant lady). Ok, so I tucked him back to bed and sternly told him no playing just sleeping. JJ tried to lie down and stare at me again but not long after he sat up and laugh and play again. Well this routine went on for like a good 2 hours till I gave up. I turn away and decided to ignore him and let him do his stuff hopefully he will be bored enough to decide to sleep. But, no way. He laid down, pulling my sleeves getting my attention. When that failed JJ tried to hold my hand ( well that’s a very sweet moment but at 230 am not really my kind of thing) and talked to me. Nice try kiddo, but still it’s bed time and mummy really needs some sleep. This went on till 330 am, JJ looks all sleepy (yeah a good sign) and starts to doze off. But wait when his eyes start to close, he decides to open them again. ( bad sign). Then after 5 minutes JJ dozed off again ( yeah my sleep time) but wait he opened his eyes again ( bad bad sign). This went on 4 or 5 times ( I really don’t know because I reached a point where I lost track of counting) finally JJ closed his eyes and went into a deep deep sleep. He did not even get up have his early morning feed. And JJ is still asleep while I’m blogging this!

Gosh! What a night and hope it will be better tonight. ( fingers crossed)


All about life


How true is this. Indeed, I’ve learnt so much this past 1.5 years of motherhood ( and much more as I track on this motherhood journey). A lot of times I thought I will be the one parenting JJ but instead he is the one that taught me how to love selflessly, be happy because it’s a good day, giggle out loud because you are really happy, be patient with every thing you do and you will be rewarded with a mega watt smile from the kiddo.

Here’s JJ trying to enjoy life watching tv , lying down while waiting for mummy to come home from work.



I’m never alone

It’s a rainy and wet morning today. JJ had a very good and sound sleep despite all the thunder and lightening. Something that is really rare given the fact that some nights he will fuss from 4 to 5 am. What I enjoy most about babies sleeping is to watch them sleep. I spent 15 minutes last night watching JJ sleep, stroking his hair and back, caressing his soft cheeks and giving him a few kisses. It made me realise how life is made wonderful with just few of his giggles and sleep watching moments. Definitely will savour all their company while I can as babies grow up all these will soon out grow too.

I saw post online and thought it is really meaningful as with babies there will never be a moment of loneliness.



It’s October already

Time really zip past me and now we are at October. In another 5 months there will be new addition to the family. JJ will be able to run at Ferrari speed and probably speak a few meaningful short sentences. He’s babbling lots of baby talk now which I could hardly understand. But when he does that he look into my eyes and seems to be seriously asking me for something that I have no idea. There’s so much to be done in October. New sewing projects, house renovation, JJ preschool search, oh my, hope I will have the strength to carry on. Here’s something that keep me going each time I watch it. “A straw moment” by JJ.


Babies in my life

I’m into my 16 weeks now, the nausea did not get any better sometimes worse.

Baby #2 at 16 weeks

Baby #2 at 16 weeks

And this week JJ started to walk more and each time he does his catwalk ( or rather drunken-baby-walk) down the hallway he will give himself a round of applause. This is really highlight of my long hard day. Watching JJ learning new skills and enjoying them.

And looking back at his 3 months old photo then I realized how far this little fella has come. A lot of times I really forgot how small JJ was when he was still a baby. But I’m starting to enjoy his toddler days and soon I’m going to have best of both worlds. Endless baby cuteness and a super hyper active toddler.

JJ at 3 months old

JJ at 3 months old


Little man learning to walk – Finally

JJ’s finally taking more than 3 steps in walking from the day he stood up to walk on A’s birthday on 25 Aug. In fact he is taking 5-10 steps at a time, but JJ tips toe while walking some of the time like a little ballerina. It’s really brilliant to watch a baby progress from crawling to standing up and learning how to walk. So JJ now is like a baby that took too much wine during dinner and walks like a little drunken man.


Kudos to awesome cuteness. I am so glad that all these baby cuteness or craziness will not end so soon as JJ progresses to be a terrible two toddler and a new baby is coming along to complete this motherhood process. Feel so blessed to have these darlings in my life.



I’m so tired

It has been a terrible week for me. Feeling nausea, tired, aching and sleepy by 6 pm on most evenings. To top it all JJ required special care after the circumcision. Thank god it’s Thursday tomorrow and let’s hope for better and less nausea days ahead. Good night all.


On babies all grown up

I saw this on someone’s Facebook post and thought that it is very true. When we have children we normally remember those frustrating moments where you really want to get some sleep at 3 am but your little fella just wants a cuddle or the time when you are already 10 minutes late for a wedding dinner but the little fella just refuse to have his dinner first and instead decided to do a poo. However, indeed these are the moments I treasure the most as kids really grow up way too soon. Enjoy every cuddle, kiss and hug, because when kids grow up all these will end way too soon.