Couch shopping weekend

We will be moving to our new place hopefully by end of this month. Finally our own place where the children could grow up in and hide their toys in secret corners of the house. We brought JJ to Courts to shop for sofas and take some measurements. JJ had a ball of his time, jumping, walking, rolling and back resting on the various couches we sat on. It’s as though he was also testing out the couches for us and determine which one is the best. And the verdict is this grey L shaped couch and we could even customise the couch fabric as well.


Lets see what new stunts this cheeky fella of mine comes up with as we go furniture shopping for the next few weekends.


Weekend at Ah Gong’s place

A is out of town for the weekend so I brought JJ to my parents place to stay for the weekend. And got my niece to stayover too to make it a play date for the JJ. So when at Ah Kong’s place there will be no rules at all. Kids watch tv all day and eat crackers on bed.


Kids get to play iPad whole day.


Adults get to eat knock out home made laksa. ( though its very unhealthy)


After all these playing and lazing round. You get a very tired baby that sleeps soundly through the night. Yeah!! to weekends at Ah Kong’s place. Hope we can do this more often when the brood grows.