Sleep train: We are having issues again

For the past 1 week JJ has not been sleeping well at night. Here’s his sleep pattern for the past 1 week. JJ goes to bed at 9pm and will sleep quite soundly till about 1130pm. Then he will start to flip and let out a small scream before going back to sleep. At 230 to 3 am, JJ will be constantly flipping, moving and making small noises. I will try to put him in a comfortable sleeping position and pat him to sleep. This whole flipping, me putting him to sleeping position and patting him to sleep sequence could repeat at least 4-5 times till about 430 am. JJ will then sleep soundly from 430 am to 6 am. I feed him milk at 6 am and JJ will quickly go to sleep after that till 9 am.


This has been going on for a week and I’m really very tired trying to take care of him at night and going to work the next day. I’m having a huge sleep debt and to top it off I’m constantly in nausea state. Hope JJ sleeping pattern will get better soon.


Happy Birthday A

It’s A’s birthday on Sunday. And I got a cake from Breadtalk that is plain with no decorations and allows me to do my own decorations. Well I have to say you need steady hands to be a cake chief.


And today JJ walked few steps on his own without any support after exactly 14 months. He got so excited and started clapping for himself. Tiny steps but huge achievements.



I’m so tired

It has been a terrible week for me. Feeling nausea, tired, aching and sleepy by 6 pm on most evenings. To top it all JJ required special care after the circumcision. Thank god it’s Thursday tomorrow and let’s hope for better and less nausea days ahead. Good night all.


Circumcision: Yes we did it!

That’s right! JJ was circumcised yesterday morning. Well everything went pretty well except for one part, the first wake up after the anesthesia. When JJ entered the operating theatre doors and saw those medical staffs in scrubs he started to wail. The crying became worse when he saw A in scrubs too as A followed JJ to have his anesthesia done.


When JJ first woke up after the surgery, he started to cry, then cried very hard and thrashed around. He was starved, exhausted and recovering from the shock of how the anesthesia was administered on him. According to A, JJ cried and struggled when a mild anesthesia was given to him and the anesthetist gave up, gave him the mask which knocked him out in 3 seconds.


After 30 minutes of thrashing, JJ finally toned down a little. I gave him milk and water then rock him to sleep. He was sobbing while sleeping, I felt so bad. But I know this will be good for him in the long run.

JJ took a really long nap and when JJ woke up the doctor say we are good to go home. I was expecting JJ to be extremely cranky and moody after seeing the thrashing episode. But to my surprise, JJ was really happy to be home, hardly fuss and was clapping and laughing till bed time. He is a brave boy and endured the pain taking it like a grown man. I’m so proud of you son. Well done!



Scrap booking and a bear hug weekend

Have not been feel that great during the long weekend break. But managed to spend some time to do what I love, scrap booking. This time I used photos from JJ’s 1 year old photo shoot. I happen to come across 2 photos that are able to merge nicely together to make it seem like a twins shot. Can’t imagine JJ having a twin brother. Double the cuteness but double the trouble.



JJ did something really sweet over the weekend. He hugged my tummy each time I rock him to bed. I really enjoy him at this stage, babbling baby words that we can’t make out, giggles at simplest things in life (like when I say ABC) and giving lovely hugs. Well below sums up how I feel right now.



Letter to Jayson: Yeah you are ONE!

Dearest JJ,

You turned one on June 26. I have watched you grown so much this one year. From a wailing new born to the fastest crawling toddler I have seen. Even the way you cried have changed and each time I leave the room or table now you will make that “inverted U” shaped mouth and tears will well up in your eyes asking me to pick you up. ( you truly know what will soften mummy’s heart). I enjoy watching you falling asleep in my arms and making you giggle all day long ( sometimes I secretly hope that all these wouldn’t end). You certainly is growing up to be a cheery boy and definitely a heart breaker. Hope you had a great year just as mummy did and many years of giggles and cuddles to come. This is for you JJ to capture the happiest moments in your life.

Love Mummy.





Bake off: Lemon pound cake with chai seeds

Made some yummy lemon pound cake with my ex-colleagues today. The cake turned out wonderful with soft, light, lemony inside while the crust is slightly brown to perfection. Here’s the recipe.

250g unsalted butter
200g caster sugar
4 large eggs
1 large lemon zest
200g all purpose flour (sifted)
2 teaspoon of baking powder
60ml of lemon juice
2 tablespoon of chai seeds ( for added twist. You can replace blueberries with chai seeds)

In the cake mixer, beat the butter till soft. Then add in the sugar and beat till fluffy. Once done, add in 1 egg at a time and beat till you get a curd like texture.

In the sifted flour, add baking power and lemon zest. Then add a third of the flour into the butter and egg mixture, then add a third of the lemon juice. Mix the mixture using a spectula. Then add in another third of the flour and lemon juice, mix well before adding last third if the flour and lemon juice.

Then scoop the mixture into an elongated pound cake mould and bake in 180 degrees for 40-45 minutes till golden brown. The remaining mixture we put it in cupcake moulds to make cupcakes too.