Babies in my life

I’m into my 16 weeks now, the nausea did not get any better sometimes worse.

Baby #2 at 16 weeks

Baby #2 at 16 weeks

And this week JJ started to walk more and each time he does his catwalk ( or rather drunken-baby-walk) down the hallway he will give himself a round of applause. This is really highlight of my long hard day. Watching JJ learning new skills and enjoying them.

And looking back at his 3 months old photo then I realized how far this little fella has come. A lot of times I really forgot how small JJ was when he was still a baby. But I’m starting to enjoy his toddler days and soon I’m going to have best of both worlds. Endless baby cuteness and a super hyper active toddler.

JJ at 3 months old

JJ at 3 months old

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