Sleep train: We are having issues again

For the past 1 week JJ has not been sleeping well at night. Here’s his sleep pattern for the past 1 week. JJ goes to bed at 9pm and will sleep quite soundly till about 1130pm. Then he will start to flip and let out a small scream before going back to sleep. At 230 to 3 am, JJ will be constantly flipping, moving and making small noises. I will try to put him in a comfortable sleeping position and pat him to sleep. This whole flipping, me putting him to sleeping position and patting him to sleep sequence could repeat at least 4-5 times till about 430 am. JJ will then sleep soundly from 430 am to 6 am. I feed him milk at 6 am and JJ will quickly go to sleep after that till 9 am.


This has been going on for a week and I’m really very tired trying to take care of him at night and going to work the next day. I’m having a huge sleep debt and to top it off I’m constantly in nausea state. Hope JJ sleeping pattern will get better soon.

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