Letter to Jayson: Yeah you are ONE!

Dearest JJ,

You turned one on June 26. I have watched you grown so much this one year. From a wailing new born to the fastest crawling toddler I have seen. Even the way you cried have changed and each time I leave the room or table now you will make that “inverted U” shaped mouth and tears will well up in your eyes asking me to pick you up. ( you truly know what will soften mummy’s heart). I enjoy watching you falling asleep in my arms and making you giggle all day long ( sometimes I secretly hope that all these wouldn’t end). You certainly is growing up to be a cheery boy and definitely a heart breaker. Hope you had a great year just as mummy did and many years of giggles and cuddles to come. This is for you JJ to capture the happiest moments in your life.

Love Mummy.




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