Why don’t you sleep through the night, darling?

I did mention before that JJ is still having issues sleeping through the night and will constantly wake up (or fuss for milk) at around 3 to 4 am almost every night. So last night it happened again but this time at 4 to 5 am. JJ was awake, eyes wide opened but he did not ask for milk. I tried to pat him back to sleep but he refuse and will flip in all sorts directions as if trying to find the right position to go back to sleep again. He tried sleeping on my pillow, the opposite direction, crouching up with his butt in the air, flat-out on the bed with face buried in his pillow and even tried lying on an elongated pillow with lower half of his body on the bed the upper half on me, and all these did not work.

It seems as though he had too much caffeine, resulting in constantly flipping and fussing nights. So last night I picked JJ up and cuddled him to sleep. We cuddled for a good 30 minutes before he start to feel drowsy and sleepy. So what did we do for that 30 minutes besides cuddling? We looked at each other eye to eye and had a good mummy-JJ time. Maybe because he knows we are not going to have any more of these cuddle moments soon, or maybe he just wants a cuddle to help him feel better.

Certainly I do enjoy all these mummy-JJ moments and love to watch JJ sleep (because to me that’s the most peaceful, calm and beautiful moments in life) but definately not at 4am in the morning. We can do better than this JJ, there is definately ways to make you sleep through the night without asking for milk, fussing or waking up at 3 or 4 am. If mummies out there you have any methods to sleep train your little ones do share with me.

Blurry pic of JJ playing before bed time

Blurry pic of JJ playing before bed time

JJ pretending to be sleeping

JJ pretending to be sleeping

The morning after, getting dress to go Gong Gong's place

The morning after, getting dress to go Gong Gong’s place

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