Food for the cheeky fella (season 2)

I tried making something different for JJ’s dinner on Sunday again. This time we go local – mee sua (wheat flour noodles) soup with spinach and hard boil egg yoke. It is relatively simple to make and these are what you need:

1 packet of mee sua

1 hard boil egg (just need the egg yoke, minced)

2 stalks of spinach (washed)

Corn and ikan bilis broth

Ingredient for mee sua soup

Ingredients for mee sua soup

First get ready the corn and ikan bilis broth, which I mentioned before in my previous star pasta recipe post. Next boil the broth, then add in the mee sua and spinach and cook till soft. Once done, just scoop the mee sua and spinach into a bowl together with the soup. Lastly, add the boiled egg yoke on top and serve!

Mee sua soup with spinach and egg yoke

Mee sua soup with spinach and egg yoke

The taste test by cheeky fella? JJ did not really like it because he is not used to the texture and taste. JJ took 2 mouthful of the mee sua soup and refused to have his dinner (by refusing I meant, he shake his head violently when the spoon of food goes anywhere close to his face, he threw everything I gave him on the floor and was screaming half the time while feeding). Well he is very used to eating porridge for lunch and dinner and cereal for breakfast hence a change of taste meant that it will take time to get used to it. So the cheeky fella went to bed without dinner (he had milk 2 hours before dinner though) and did not make a big fuss over it. We will try this again to let JJ get used to other food and textures.  So mummies out there if you have any recipes that your little ones adore do share with me.

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