Jayson’s first poo in the potty

Yep, JJ did his first poo in the potty yesterday and again today. I was elated. I bought a potty for him after our visit at the Zoo on Friday and on Saturday just before dinner, he gave the “I think I am going to poo look” ( all mummies will recognise that look on their child in an instant). So before he started pooing, I sat him on the potty and helped him to do a poo. And within minutes JJ was done. I did not expect it to be so fast and quick, I thought there will be some training, protesting, screaming and tears involved to make him do his first poo in the potty. Then today, before breakfast he gave me the “I think I am going to poo look” again and we repeated the same process successfully without any protest or tears. Hope we can constantly repeat this peaceful process at least 90% of the time (keeping fingers crossed). Indeed, we are taking small steps towards toilet training but I think we are nearing there already!

Here’s a picture of JJ’s personalised potty. I dug into my art and craft box and saw these funky letter stickers hence I decided to personalise his potty to make it special for him.

JJ potter (back)

JJ’s potter (back)

JJ potty (front)

JJ’s potty (front)

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