Turning 28 at Morton’s the Steakhouse

Yep, I turned 28 on 7 July. It had been a tough year for me, juggling my new role as a full time working mummy and exploring/ creating new opportunities in life which led me to pick up new hobbies (will blog more on that in due course). Hence, I decided to celebrate my birthday dinner at Morton’s the Steakhouse as a way to reward myself on how far I have came for the past 28 years and especially year 27.



I think no introduction is needed on Morton’s. It is arguably the best steakhouse in town and you pay through your nose not only for the steak but for the service too. We had a waitress specially assigned to our table who will recommend us dishes that Morton’s is well known for. Since the portions were huge, the waitress suggested us to share. We ordered lobster bisque, ocean platter, rib eye steak and the famous chocolate soufflé, while JJ had a huge warmly toasted bun as snack. (he had dinner before going to Morton’s).

The lobster bisque was great, not salty at all and has a light liqueur after taste. The ocean platter consisted of scallops wrapped in bacon, grilled prawns, cheese grilled oysters and crab cake. The platter was fresh and you know what you paying for is worth it when you bite through the crab cake you actually get flakes of crab meat falling off onto your plate. Next the steak. My steak was well cooked and quite marvellously it still remain tender and despite letting the steak cool for like 10 minutes, the meat is still soft and not chewy like gum.

Morton's rib eye steak

Morton’s rib eye steak

To top it off, my birthday soufflé. I loved Morton’s version of soufflé as compared to other restaurants. The soufflé was not really that sweet and rich instead it is light and fluffy, more like a chocolate sponge cake than a soufflé.

My birthday cake

My birthday cake

The dinner was great and I had great company too. But JJ was screaming half the time while we were having dinner, littered his entire surroundings with pieces of bread and threw the toddler cutleries as though he was playing Frisbee. Thank god Morton’s was pretty noisy (surprising for a top tier restaurant) that drowned JJ’s screaming and the staffs were all pretty chill about JJ messes. Guess I wont be going to Morton’s any time soon until JJ learns some table manners and I have saved enough or gathered enough reason to go. I am gonna miss the steak.

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