Say no to child abuse: My First Skool

My thoughts on this incident when I first heard it from my colleague was “how could this happen to a young child? Why other teachers or any one stop this from happening if they are around?” After watching the video that went viral online, my heart goes out to the boy’s parents. As a parent myself I could feel the hurt and distrust that the boy’s parents have as all parents would expect the teachers in school to treat their child with upmost respect and professionalism. Even when dealing with the naughtiest child in class teachers should have the composure to handle the situation, otherwise teaching is not the right profession for one.

Yes indeed the preschool teaching profession is not for the faint hearted as it requires a lot of patience and emotional management because you are constantly dealing with children where at times could be out of control or simply berserk. I understand that because at times JJ do tear me apart and drain every last ounce of patience that I have, but still it does not warrant bullying a child physically or verbally.

Now this put me in parental anxiety mode again when looking for schools for JJ and I will definitely have an emotional meltdown when the time comes for JJ to go preschool as I have to trust my son in strangers’ hands.

Hope the boy will get well soon and his parents will have faith in teachers again as there are indeed great educators out there.

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